Monthly Archives: October 2011

Restaurant approved by the Planning Board in Weston on 10/18/11

On 10/18/11 in a unanimous vote by the Planning Board members a new restaurant was approved to be located at 37 Center Street in Weston. The owners of Omni Foods who currently lease the space hope to open in the spring of 2012 offering fresh, organic food options  and coffee for breakfast, Dinner may even be served a few nights a week.  They will offer seasonal outdoor seating and maintain a bring your own policy for wine and beer.

Weston Zoning Setbacks & Variances

Important fact about structures in Weston that are non-conforming on a lot.

The Building Inspector of Weston says if a structure in anyway is in a setback, than the entire structure is non-conforming, not just the part of the structure that is actually in the setback. If you are considering an addition to a structure that will require a variance please make sure you realize that ANY & EVERY future change to your structure will always require a variance. Be Informed.