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Civics Bee Question Submission Request by Feb. 14th Deadline

If you have any questions you would like to submit for this
competition, please send them (with their correct answers!) to Sandy Coy
( who is compiling them. Please limit your
questions to federal government, the United States Constitution and its
amendments, and American history as it relates to the Constitution and
amendments. We have received many but need more. The level can be for
middle school students, for high school students, or for adults. Thanks!

Weston Cultural Council Announces 2009 Grant Awards & Recipients

The following are a list of the events, amounts awarded, award recipient, and date of the event.
The event location will be announced when it is available.

1. Event: Valentine Quartets.
   Host: Inge Thorn Engler was awarded $750.
   The performance date/time is 2/8/09 @ 3:00 p.m. 
   Location: Weston Public Library

2. Event: Increase Your Enjoyment of Opera.
   Host Rachel Adler-Golden & COA awarded $300.
   Event dates/time are  10/27/08-4/20/09 Mondays @ 2:30 p.m.
   Location: COA

3. Event: Edible Wild Plants of the Northeast.
   Host John Root awarded $350.
   Event date/time to be announced for a Saturday in Spring '09
   Location: LandSakes Farm

4. Event: Carmina Burana Performance.
   Host Therese Provenzano awarded $750.
   Event date/time is 2/4/09 @ 8:00 p.m.
   Location: Regis

5. Event: Weston History DVDs.
   Host Pamela Fox awarded $281.
   Event date will be announced for sometime in the month of 12/09.
   Location: DVD's to be added to Weston Library collection

6. Event: Reading Is Magic.
   Host Ed Cope awarded $425.
   Event date is Halloween 2009
   Location: Children's Services

7. Event: Haiku Poetry & Illustration Workshop.
   Host Yetti Frenkel awarded $350.
   Event date/time is 4/21/09 @ 7:00 p.m.
   Location: Weston High School

8. Event: Traditional Korean Dances at Asia Night.
   Host Hee-Young Park/Dan Park awarded $350.
   Event date/time: is 3/14/09
   Location: Weston Children's Services

9. Grant for Operation of Sound System.
   Host Maria Wardwell awarded $325
   Event Dates: 1/1-12/31/09 Ongoing

10. Rainforest Reptile Show.
    Host Ione Nauseda awarded $400.
    Event Date/time: 4/15/09 in the A.M
    Location:Weston Wing North Ave.

Planning Board Consultant to present this Evening the 21st at 7:30

The chosen Planning Board consultant Phill Herr will be presenting his ideas tonight at 7:30. Please attend if you can. A video recording of the meeting will be available on the blog shortly for those that can’t make it this evening. Phill Herr will be addressing the issues as described below. If you would like to see the original memo released by the Town. Here is the original file, or read more below.

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Come Lunch Tuesday January 20th at 12:30

The WCL Clothing Exchange is open January 20th at the Josiah Smith Tavern in Weston Center.                 Open from 10-2, find fabulous deals for less!!

Join Nancy Hughes President of WCL and MaryAnn Rogers Treasurer of WCL for lunch at 12:30.               Enjoy warm soup,  a sandwich, good conversation and great company!!!