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Weston area Vegetarian Restaurant Reviews


  • Oishii too — World class sushi, I find the Sudbury location is better than the Chestnut Hill location (which consistantly wins “best sushi” in local awards).  The miso soup is vegetarian, there are a lot of interesting sushi rolls,  lots of other great options.


  • Masao’s Kitchen — Moody St.  This macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian hole-in-the-wall is awesome.  The meal is cafeteria style, charged by weight — I recommend highly going there on Tuesday and Friday nights for the Seitan, Masao makes the most delicious Seitan I know of. The soups and other extras are also always good, and everything is fresh, organic, macro, vegan, etc.   It’s very common to run into cancer patients here, as macrobiotic diets are on the list of potential “miracle cures” that people go through.
  • Mi Tierra — Right next to Masao’s on Moody street, this little Salvadoran/Guatemalan restaurant is surprisingly vegetarian friendly.  Their refried beans are fried in soybean oil, they actually have a few vegetarian selections on the menu.  I am personally quite fond of the pupusas — there is a pupusa lunch platter with two pupusas, a fried plantain, rice, refried beans, and a coke for about $7.50
  • Taqueria Mexico — The best mexican food around by a long shot.  Nice outdoor seating. I always order a special vegetarian taco plate that is not on the menu, they are very accomodating and it is very tasty.  The place to go if you want Mexican.
  • Baan Thai — Decent thai food.
  • Il Capricio — Very upscale italian/bistro, I normally go because the bartender makes an awesome margarita.  Often they will have things made from fresh, local in-season ingredients, lots of interesting pasta dishes… there’s not a lot of vegetarian focus but they do a great job of putting a veggie meal together. I find the food here much better than at Tuscan Grille or La Campania.
  • Beijing Star — Good chinese food — their beijing style eggplant is quite authentic, and they are quite a step up from the 3 or 4 other super cheap chinese places in the neighborhood.
  • Bombay Mahal — There are about 4 or 5 Indian restaurants on Moody st, but in my opinion this is the best (by far) for one reason: The masala dosa.  Heavenly, heavenly dosas — the best dosas in Massachusetts. If you dream of dosas, go no further